Marchio Signature Rebuild


A Synergetic Approach to Rebuilding Pianos

The Philosophy

In the field of piano design there are numerous philosophies guiding its practitioners toward a result.  The Synergetic approach, as developed at Campbell Piano Shop, is to take the traditions that continue to serve so well, study the latest in research, data, tooling, and related sciences, and make modifications in those areas that will produce a piano you will love to play for many years to come.
Inherent in the process are changes in materials and methods to reflect the state-of-the-art practices in areas such as acoustics, physics, material sciences, and other related arts.  These discoveries continue to clarify our understanding of what happens under the lid of a grand piano and can, if properly used, create an instrument that sounds better, plays more easily, and will sustain a high level of performance longer.
The synergy comes from the institutional studies, technical papers, engineering discoveries, and other innovations that, when combined with the traditions of good piano design, add to the body of knowledge and spark even greater achievements and knowledge.

Musical Perspectives

The Art of the Piano

My quest is to produce instruments that give the most artistic range of expression and have the greatest potential for producing the sweet sounds aficionados of the art long to hear.  I look forward to creating a powerful yet refined instrument for those clients who believe in creating beautiful music.  Call to find out more about the marchio Signature Rebuild℠.

Artistic Style: Campbell Piano Shop and the marchio Signature Rebuild℠ are constantly evolving. Our services are of a unique and artistic nature and as such, the results may differ from other pianos we have rebuilt in the past.  In addressing a piano, we use our personal artistic judgment to create a result consistent with our vision.